benefits of water flossing

You should know about a recent method to eliminate plaque and clean the areas around your teeth called water flossing. The machine that releases the water, known as a water flosser or water jet, were once used solely at dental offices, but have since been released for public consumption.

There are four major advantages that water flossing has over traditional string flossing. Briefly summed up, they are 1) easy application, 2) convenience, 3) reduced irritation and bleeding of gums, and 4) compatibility with braces.


Probably the best benefit of using a water flosser is simply how fast one can accomplish the flossing process compared to regular string flossing. On average, an individual using a water flosser to floss their teeth can finish in under a minute.

As you probably already know, string flossing is much more complicated, arduous, and repetitive to do. Unfortunately, the long flossing time and high difficulty curve discourages many people from flossing even though it is such an important activity to do.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of the water flosser is how easy it is to use. Those who find string flossing difficult should definitely use a water flosser. Instead of having to maneuver a thin piece of string in all sorts of directions to reach all those hard-to-reach areas around teeth, you simply need to guide the tip of the water flosser to do most of the work for you.

Just point the water pick in the direction you would like to remove plaque and food debris from, turn the machine on, and watch as powerful jets of water blast off these unwanted debris from your teeth.

Pain-free flossing

Next, water flossing is less irritating and less likely to damage to one’s gums, which is why many people prefer using it to dental floss. Each model should have different pressure settings that the user can adjust to fit their needs.

To begin with, one should start off at the lowest setting and work their way up if they feel up to it. By using the lowest setting, the floss will feel more like a gentle massage, which is perfect for those with sensitive gums and teeth. Over time, one’s irritation and pain will be reduced and eventually stop.

Works with braces (highly recommended)

For those with braces who wish to experience the power of a water flosser, you’re in luck. Water flossers work perfectly with braces, unlike string floss. The water jets do not get tangled up or held back by the metal wires that would obstruct dental floss.

No more relying on a dental threader, and no more spending obscene amounts of time trying to clean around the metal mess in your mouth. Just point the water pick where you want it to clean, and reap the benefits of flossing with significantly reduced hassle.

Overall, whether you have braces or not, water flossing makes the entire process so much easier. In fact, those with braces are highly recommended to purchase a water flosser to get into the nooks and crannies that the metal brackets cover up.

Even after the braces are removed, you are still left with a great product that works even better than string flossing. So what are you waiting for?

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Photo Credit: EPEO Odontologia