You wouldn’t ride a bike without wearing a helmet, would you? If you fell and hit your head, you’d suffer from some pretty serious injuries. The same is true for playing sports without wearing a mouthguard. One bad hit on your face and you could suffer from a broken jaw, chipped teeth, and a nasty concussion. A mouthguard can absorb most of the force from the impact, minimizing the damage caused by a hit to your face.

In addition to the protection it provides, the best mouthguard for lacrosse is comfortable, stylish, and may allow you to communicate on the field. If you’re able to talk while playing lacrosse, you can make calls and boost your team chemistry. A bad mouth guard is bulky and makes it impossible to communicate with teammates, resulting in mistakes and confusion.

We highly recommend you use a mouthguard when playing lacrosse. In this review, we go over the best lacrosse mouthguard that will protect your teeth and jaw bones, while still providing maximum comfort.

How Does a Mouthguard Protect You?

There are other benefits to wearing a mouthguard beyond protection from superficial damage. The force from a powerful impact will travel through your face all the way into the brain, damaging all the parts along the way and resulting in a concussion. Even just a bump or a quick but targeted hit can impact the brain. A perfect example of this is if you get elbowed in the face.

At the site of impact, the jaw could get fractured or broken. The next area affected are the teeth, which could also fracture when they hit each other. The last point of impact is the brain, which could get rattled and bounce around in the skull, causing imbalances and chemical changes in one’s neural system.

By having a mouthguard to bite down on, the teeth will not smash into each other because the mouthguard absorbs most of the force and dissipates it evenly. Your teeth cannot be replaced if they are damaged, and dental costs are not cheap. Not only is the initial repair expensive, but patients will have to get several remakes over the course of their life. How about just protecting your teeth properly in the first place by wearing a mouthguard?

Best Mouthguard for Lacrosse Review

Sisu 2.4 Max Mouthguard

Do you dislike wearing mouthguards because they are so bulky and uncomfortable? Then get ready to be blown away by the Sisu 2.4 Max mouthguard.

Designed to be extremely lightweight, the Sisu Max is made from a mixture of plastic and rubber that provides great protection as well as comfort, without weighing it down or being bulky.

It is also phthalate-free and best of all, can be worn with braces. If you’ve ever gotten hit in the mouth with braces on and no mouthguard, you know that’s not something you’d want to repeat again, and the Sisu 2.4 Max would keep you safe in that scenario. This is a must-buy for anyone looking for a lightweight and comfortable mouthguard.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

If you want maximum protection, you can’t go wrong with the Venum Challenger mouthguard. It features an advanced gel frame that is designed to take a beating so that your jaw and teeth don’t have to. It is often used in contact sports like MMA, and can definitely be used for lacrosse as well.

The shape has been designed to stop any shock impact and disperse it to your strongest teeth. Don’t worry about catching your breath, the breathing hole will make sure you can get all the air you need for better performance.

Many users have found this to be very comfortable and easy to mold around their teeth. You can even talk while wearing this which is a nice quality-of-life feature. However, it is not designed to be worn with braces and mostly protects the upper teeth.

Youth Form Fit Mouthguard

Is your entire family very active and sporty? Then you may need the Youth Form mouthguard.

Don’t let the name fool you, this mouthguard comes in all shapes and sizes for the optimal fit in your mouth. Kids and adults can both wear this, since they can be easily trimmed to the right length.

Lastly, they dry fast (which is good for preventing bacteria growth) and are latex-free. Overall, it is a solid mouthguard for athletes of all ages.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouthguard

People with braces need extra protection when playing sports, and that is why the Shock Doctor Double Braces mouthguard was designed specifically for use with orthodontics.

It can protect both the upper and lower brace brackets, providing you protection from lacerations and peace of mind. Made from medical-grade silicone, you do not have to boil it as it will adapt to your mouth structure as braces get adjusted.

The Shock Doctor Double Braces is BPA-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free, so you don’t have to worry about irritation caused by the mouthguard. It comes with a $10,000 dental warranty, but we don’t expect you’ll ever have to use it.

UnderArmour ArmourFit Mouthguard

UnderArmour is taking the phrase “putting money where its mouth is” quite literally. It is so confident in its product that they boast a $32,000 dental warranty that will be used to pay off medical costs if you suffered an injury while wearing this mouthguard. If this mouthguard couldn’t do what it says it does, then UnderArmour would be out of business by now.

And what exactly does it do? First, it is chew resistant and feels like you got it custom made from the dentist. It is a little bit on the bulky side, but it provides great protection against impacts. Furthermore it is latex-free and comes in numerous colors to fit your style.

Tapout Adult Mouthguard

You probably recognize the Tapout brand, since it is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in North America. So how do their mouthguards hold up?

Users have reported that it molds easily to the shape of their teeth for a snug fit. Even when playing a contact sport, users have reported that there is never any slippage. Furthermore, the breathing hole makes breathing easier and allows you to talk.

You can get two mouthguards per pack, with various colours to choose from. The mouthguard can be reboiled multiple times to provide the best fit, and comes with a $30,000 dental warranty. Unfortunately, this mouthguard only protects the upper teeth and are not meant to be worn with braces.

MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard

Bacteria growth is a very serious concern for mouthguard users. Do you find yourself spending a lot of time cleaning your mouthguard outside of wearing it? That’s a good habit, but why not just get a mouthguard that can stay cleaner for longer?

MaxxMMA’s Antibacterial mouthguard is, as the name suggests, antibacterial and very affordable. It features built-in breath channels and is custom moldable to fit your teeth. Lastly, it is made from EPA and FDA compliant antibacterial material.


If you still have all of your teeth, or even if you’ve already damaged some of them, you need to wear a mouthguard when playing sports. The best mouthguard for lacrosse should not only provide you with protection, but will also feel comfortable in your mouth and look stylish. It should also not impede your performance at all, since they will have breathing holes which can also allow you to talk. Most mouthguards also come with a hefty dental warranty to pay for medical costs should the mouthguard fail to do its job, so you really have no reason to not try it out.