You may have been told that you should floss regularly by your dentist. You probably already know the numerous benefits that daily flossing can provide, yet struggle to make it a habit.

Flossing is time consuming. It makes your gums bleed. The floss wraps too tightly around your fingers, hurting you. You just don’t have time! And so on.

If you’re someone like me who dislikes traditional methods of flossing, then you may be interested in an easier way to floss: with water. Selecting the best water flosser for your needs can drastically improve your quality of life because water flossing is superior to regular flossing.

In clinical studies, water flossing has been shown to:

  • Reduce gingivitis by 51% more than dental floss.
  • Be twice as effective at reducing gingival bleeding than the leading brand of dental floss.
  • Clean off 29% more plaque than dental floss.

I can personally attest that I have not used dental floss in over 5 years in favor of water flossing and my oral health has never been better. Below I will be covering ten of the best water flossers on the market right now. Here’s a quick sneak peek for what’s in store in this water flosser review.

Why do I need a water flosser?

You might be wondering if a water flosser is really much better than dental floss. You already dislike regular flossing, so why might some alternative to flossing be any better? Good question. Read our article on the benefits of water flossing for more information.

For starters, water flossing is faster and easier to do. No need to painstakingly shove a bunch of fingers in your mouth, slowly and awkwardly maneuvering the floss around each crevice, and repeating this painful process for every tooth. With a water flosser, you grab an ergonomic sleek plastic tip that shoots out quick jets of water, easily dislodging anything stuck between your teeth in a matter of seconds. It’s non-invasive, quick, and efficient.

Furthermore, water jets can be customized by changing the tip into something suited for your specific use. Have braces? There’s a tip for that. Have sensitive teeth? Low pressure tips are for you. Want to wage war against plaque and gingivitis? Use a high pressure tip. There’s something for everyone.

How effective are water flossers?


Top: Gingivitis Bottom: After daily water flossing

If you’re worried about their effectiveness, perish the thought immediately. The best water picks are powerful enough to even remove biofilm – thick layers of plaque that can’t be removed from brushing alone. Flossing with a string can’t do that either.

With that said, water flossing is still sensitive enough to not leave your gums a bloody mess. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for dental floss. The method to this madness is the pulsating stream of water – between 5 – 90 psi.

Depending on the brand you purchase, you can customize your experience even further by adjusting water pressure and rate of pulsation. And if you dislike how it pulsates, there are oral irrigators that can attach directly to your faucet that provide a steady stream of water.

No matter what your flossing needs are, water flossing has you covered. In fact, water flossing does it even better than regular flossing. No matter your dental situation: braces, sensitive gums, stubborn food chunks lodged between your teeth – there is a model for that.

If you are unsure of how to use a water flosser effectively, here are some tips for water flossing.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Just how effective is this water flosser, and what is a Waterpik?

A clinical study has shown that Waterpik’s Aquarius Water Flosser is 50% more effective at reducing bacteria buildup on your gums than regular flossing. Since a water floss system incorporates an effective combination of water pressure and pulsations, it can reach beneath the gums and around the many crevices where floss cannot reach.

This is ideal for those who have braces, bridges, periodontal pockets, sensitive gums, crowns, or just someone who just wants a different way to floss.

The sleek, clean design features an intuitive on/off switch, pressure control with over 10 settings, and an LED screen. Another useful feature is its one minute timer and 30 second pacer so you know exactly how long to floss. Furthermore, the water tank can hold enough water for 90 seconds of flossing time.

The Aquarius also comes with two different modes. Floss mode is designed for plaque removal, while Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode is for massaging the gums and improving blood flow. It comes with seven different flosser tips for a wide range of customization; three traditional tips, as well as a Plaque Seeker, Pik Pocket, Orthodontic and Toothbrush. There’s definitely something for every situation.

Lastly, Waterpik boasts a solid guarantee: healthier gums within two weeks, or your money back.

Waterpik WP-900 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

This flosser and brush combo is all you’d ever need to take good care of your pearly whites. The sonic toothbrush performs with a swift electric motion, perfect for scraping off plaque. It comes with two types of heads – a normal one and a compact one – so that you can really get in there and leave no tooth uncleaned.

Additionally, the Waterpik makes flossing (an otherwise arduous activity) something that people can enjoy. It is highly customizable, coming packaged with 4 different tips. The Classic Jet Tip functions as a traditional cleaner; the Plaque Seeker Tip is ideal for implants, crowns, and bridges; The Orthodontic Tip is designed especially for use on braces; and lastly the Pik Pocket Tip allows for a low-pressure, enjoyable rinse.

Since both the toothbrush and flosser were designed to be compact, it comes with a travel case so you can bring it with you wherever you go. They are really making it hard to make excuses not to floss!

Waterpik Water Flosser Ultra and Waterpik traveler Flosser plus 12 Accessory Tips & Storage Case

This Waterpik Ultra combo pack can eliminate almost 100% of the plaque build-up on your gums and teeth. It is easier and more fun to use than traditional dental floss, but can drastically improve gum and tooth health.

This all-in-one kit includes:

  • An Ultra Water Flosser.
  • A Traveler Water Flosser.
  • A Travel Case.
  • Twelve different flosser tips. Specifically, four traditional flosser tips, two Toothbrush tips, two Plaque Seeker tips, two Pik Pocket tips, and two Orthodontic tips.

This is the ultimate package for any dental situation – crowns, braces, or just plain hard to reach areas- there’s no situation this flosser can’t handle. A wide range of pressure controls allows you to select between ten pressure settings, from 5-90 psi. The water reservoir is large enough for lengthy flossing sessions; it’s unlikely you’d need to refill it before getting the job done.

Its ergonomic design affords comfortable and natural handling of the flossing grip. Lastly, it comes with a one year warranty.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik’s Ultra Water Flosser is exactly why you need to remove food debris and plaque stuck in hard to reach areas between your gum line and teeth. This particular model has been proven to be twice as effective as dental floss at improving gum health.

All it takes is one minute of daily use to ensure less plaque, reduced risk of gingivitis, and complete removal of food buildup. Providing ten different water pressure modes, between 10-90 psi, you can adjust the water pressure to suit your desired speed and sensitivity. At 1,400 pulses a minute, you can reliably clean your mouth every single time.

The Ultra Water Flosser comes with six tips that are color coded so selecting the right one is seamless and simple. It comes with a Plaque Seeker tip, two traditional Jet tips, a Toothbrush tip, and a Pik Pocket tip.

Using the pause button, you can easily change tips mid floss, and the 650 mL water tank will provide more than enough water for each rinse. Like many of Waterpik’s products, this one boasts a 14 day money back guarantee. There’s no risk in trying this model out.

Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Like the name implies, this model is designed specifically for children. Have trouble getting your children to floss as well? This water floss system is fun and easy-to-use. There’s a much better way at getting rid of plaque and keeping your children’s gums clean.

Designed for children ages 6-12, its bright green color is adorned with vibrant designs that will be sure to draw kids in. There are three pressure settings so they can adjust to what makes them feel comfortable. This particular model comes with an additional flossing tip, and it is very easy to detach the tips and switch to another – useful for two or more children who don’t want to share tips.

There’s no rule saying adults can’t use this either. Its small design means it will take up minimal space on your counter than “adult” water flossers. If your bathroom is already lacking in space, don’t feel bad using this product, after all a water flosser is a water flosser.

Jumbl Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

The Jumbl Oral Irrigator is different from other water flossers. Its compact form fits all the components into a portable handle, whereas for other water flossers the handle and tip are separate components connected to the motor and water tank via a cord. Essentially, you’re carrying the entire water flosser in your hands for maximum portability – pretty neat stuff.

This oral irrigator features three different modes – normal, soft, and pulse – so choosing the right water pressure is simple. Normal mode is for those who don’t have any particular sensitivities. Soft is for those who recently had dental work done or for sensitive gums. Pulse mode is great for massaging gums and improving blood circulation.

The Jumbl Oral Irrigator also provides two different color-coded nozzles, ideal for those who want to share it with a partner or roommate. It is waterproof and rechargeable, making it easy to clean and take with you on travels. Its removable water reservoir is smaller than others but still carries sufficient water for a decent flossing session. Lastly, it is made entirely of BPA-free plastic.

Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet

Like the Jumbl Rechargeable Oral Irrigator, this water flosser is also cordless and compact. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your hand. This model is great to bring on travels and it is just as effective as other water flossers.

Whether you have braces, crowns or bridges, you can rely on the Ultra Dental Water Jet to remove all the biofilm and food debris from your teeth.

It boasts ten different pressure settings, so there is definitely a setting for everyone’s needs. Not only is this model small, but it’s extremely quiet. Don’t worry about it taking up space or making loud noises. The cordless version offers two different water pressures and four tips so there are many options available.

Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW-DJ10-A

If you have sensitive gums, then Panasonic’s Oral Irrigator is for you. Its simple design ensures that it is easy to use, even for children (and much more fun than regular flossing). Furthermore, its cordless design allows you to floss on the go any time for quick and convenient cleaning. Maintaining the unit is also a breeze. It is waterproof and washable, so just put it under some running water and get cleaning.

The oral irrigator offers two speeds, a high pressure and low pressure, so not much customization on that front. However, it still sports an impressive 1,600 pulses per minute that will be sure to do the job. This water flosser comes with a 165 mL water tank, which serves a secondary purpose as a carrier when it’s not filled with water.

It takes 2 AA batteries to power this unit, and it weighs less than 8 oz. for easy portability. Overall, the Panasonic Oral Irrigator is a powerful little unit.

RediBreeze Oral Irrigator

What makes the RediBreeze Oral Irrigator unique is the fact that it attaches directly to your faucet, so no need to worry about the water tank running out. You can easily detach it and use it at faucets anywhere you go, perfect for travel.

It is helpful for ensuring that even while not at home, you can treat or prevent gingivitis, bleeding gums, bad breath, gum disease, and loss of teeth (due to the aforementioned problems).

This oral irrigator is also capable of removing biofilm that develops on your teeth due to plaque buildup. Furthermore, installing this flosser to your water faucet does not render that faucet unusable. There is a switch that can be turned on and off which allows water to flow through the faucet normally or through the irrigator.

This makes it easy to keep it installed so that because it isn’t occupying the faucet, but more like enhancing that faucet. Due to it lacking a motor, the RediBreeze does not provide a pulsing motion, but instead a continuous stream of water that is just as capable.

Viajet Pro Irrigator

Much like the other models, the Viajet Pro Irrigator can remove plaque and food bits in areas of your teeth that are difficult to reach and clean. This will, in turn, improve your gum and teeth health.

The Viajet sports an adjustable pressure system that can churn out 1,200 pulsating jets of water a minute. It comes with four different tips – two rubber tips and two traditional tips – making cleaning and massaging your gums a breeze.

While you can use traditional tips to remove food bits and plaque from your gums and teeth, the rubber tips are better suited for massaging your gums and improving blood flow in those areas.

The combination of the two – cleaning and massaging – will keep your mouth feeling clean and healthy while actually being clean and healthy. Lastly, it is also a compact enough to keep on your bathroom countertop as a reminder to floss daily.


So, to recap: water flossing is effective at removing biofilm (thick layers of plaque) along your gums and teeth. It can also dislodge stubborn food debris stuck between odd places. Using a water flosser is quick, simple, and most importantly, fun.

There are many plastic tips you can fit on a flosser to change the angle and spray of the flosser. Most flossers also have at least two or more settings that controls the water pressure and pulsation of the water spray. Whether or not you have crowns, bridges, implants, or sensitive gums, there is a setting that is perfect for you.

For those of you who struggle to make flossing a habit but want to reap the benefits of it, then this is probably the best alternative available. Do yourself (and your mouth) a favor and get yourself a water flosser.

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