Dental Floss

Dental floss helps you remove plaque and bits of food stuck between your teeth that can lead to bad breath and tooth decay. There are many types of dental floss, such as waxed, flavored, and floss sticks.

Most dental floss are made from nylon or Teflon. Some of them are coated with wax which helps it slide between your teeth more easily and remove food substances. Other than that, the wax has no health benefits.

Generally, dental floss will contain fluoride, which is also found in other dental products since it is believed to prevent tooth decay. Flavored dental floss are another type of floss and may motivate those who dislike flossing to try it out.

Some people lack the technique or dexterity to thread the string between their teeth, so floss sticks are another alternative to dental floss. Dental floss are disposable, so discard them after use.

Those who have never flossed before or floss infrequently may experience bleeding or gum irritation. However, daily use will reduce the chances of this happening and will lead to healthier teeth and gums.

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