night guard costThere are many types of night guards and each has a specific purpose. Whether you are looking for a mouth guard to reduce snoring, or to prevent nighttime teeth grinding from wearing down your teeth, there are many options on the market. But the answer to the question “how much does a night guard cost” depends on your budget. The price ranges from fairly cheap if you go for the store bought option, to significantly more expensive if you decide to get fitted for a custom night guard.

How Much Does a Store Bought Night Guard Cost?

Sports Mouth Guard: $5 – $30

The cheapest option are sports mouth guards that are purchased stock, meaning they are preformed and can be worn right away. Stock mouth guards are intended for use during physical activity and some people try to use it to protect their teeth against grinding at night.

Sports mouth guards are designed to protect against blunt impacts and are very bulky. They are not intended to be worn for long periods of time. As a result, many people will find sports mouth guards to be extremely uncomfortable if worn at night. However, they are very cheap and you can find them in any sports store or online.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: $30 – $60

Boil and bite mouth guards will provide a better fit than stock mouth guards. They are made from hard but moldable plastics that fit either over the upper teeth or lower teeth. As the name suggests, you will have to boil the mouth guard in hot water and bite down on it afterwards to make a mold of your teeth in the plastic.

Boil and bite night guards are a step up in price compared to stock mouth guards, however they are certainly more effective. They are not as bulky, and you can find them in most pharmacies or even purchase them online. However, you will need an adjustment period of one or two weeks as most people find them to be uncomfortable at first.

How Much Does a Custom Night Guard Cost?

Custom night guards are the most effective but also most expensive option. They are smaller than store bought ones, fit better, and are the most comfortable to wear. You can choose to get a custom night guard from the dentist or through a private lab.

From the Dentist: $300 – $700

If you want to get a custom night guard from the dentist, here is what to expect. You will need to schedule two dentist appointments before you receive the night guard. During the first visit, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth and create a bite record. The dentist will use this information to create a well-fitted custom night guard for you. For the second and final visit, you will get to try on the night guard and the dentist will make any final adjustments if you feel any discomfort.

This is the most expensive option and can cost you anywhere between $300-700. You may be able to get this cost partially covered through your dental insurance.

From a Private Dental Lab: $80 – $150

It is possible for you to get a custom night guard without seeing a dentist and at a lower price. There are various private dental labs that provide custom night guard fittings and here is how they work. First you make an order for a custom night guard through their website. Then they mail you a kit with instructions on how to make an impression mold of your teeth. Once you’ve made the mold, you send it back to them using the included pre-paid packaging. Finally, they will make a custom night guard from the mold and mail you the finished product.

If you decide to get a custom night guard from a private dental lab, you can expect to pay $80-150. By cutting out the middleman (the dentist), they are able to give you the best deal. Sometimes dentists even order night guards from the same dental labs for their patients that you would find online by doing your own research. The downside being that if anything should go wrong with the custom night guard, you do not have the expertise of a dentist to help you with the problem.