If you’re looking for a very compact water flosser to bring with you when you are traveling, you’re in luck. Panasonic’s EW-DJ10-A Portable Water flosser is one of the smallest on the market, with its unique design that allows it to collapse to half its size.

Before we even get started with this review, let’s talk about Panasonic’s naming scheme for their products first. They have a tendency to throw a mess of letters and numbers together with a few hyphens in between for good measure. How else do you get a name like EW-DJ10-A? Also, Panasonic refers to this product as an “oral irrigator”, which is just a snobby synonym for “water flosser”.

What’s Included with the EW-DJ10-A Water Flosser?

Opening up a brand new box, you will find included are:

  • Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Cordless Water flosser
  • Water Flosser Tip
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual

You can also find the usual legalese about warranty terms and conditions (the most interesting detail being that this product has two years of warranty on parts and labor), as well as how to replace individual parts.

Overview of the Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Oral Irrigator

Panasonic has clearly designed this product with portability in mind, as you can tell with how compact it is right out of the box. They were able to achieve this by making the reservoir double as a carry case. Thus, after you’ve flossed and emptied the water tank, you can simply collapse it to half its normal size.

As of writing this review, the EW-DJ10-A is one of the smallest portable water flossers on the market, edging out even the Philips Sonicare AirFloss.

To get started, you have to first extend the flosser to its full length. You can do so by holding the reservoir (the blue part) firmly in one hand, and using the other hand to pull the white upper half up until the arrow marking lines along the sides align with the rim of the water reservoir.

Make sure you hear the click sound which means its locked in place. If you don’t, then it will fall back down as soon as you let go. If you feel there is resistance when trying to pull the unit out of the water tank, you can reduce the suction by opening the reservoir cap. This should allow it to easily slide up and down.

The cap is easy enough to open and close. One small complaint we have is that we wish the opening was a bit bigger so that filling the reservoir with water would be easier. However, since this model was made specifically to be quite small, having a larger opening would mean a bigger reservoir as well.

Located at the front of the EW-DJ10-A is a switch that can move into 3 different positions. They are as indicated:

  • 0 – Off
  • 1 – Low Pressure
  • 2 – High Pressure

Like most cordless water flossers, the pressure settings have been simplified to low or high. If you have sensitive gums, best you leave it on low (1). For a battery-operated unit, its high pressure setting has quite a kick, so be wary of that.

Behind the EW-DJ-10A you can find the nozzle holder. This is where you can store the tip/nozzle when you are carrying it in your bag when traveling. Despite the cramped space, there is enough room for the nozzle to fit and to prevent it from falling out even when extended.

You would think having a nozzle holder would be the standard, but surprisingly most other cordless water flossers require you to store your nozzles separately. Even much more expensive products somehow lack this obvious feature, so good job Panasonic for including it.

At the top of the EW-DJ-10A you will find the battery compartment. You must first remove the cover to access it. Simply use a small coin or a flat tipped screwdriver. It may be hard to remove the first few times, however it will eventually loosen a bit so it won’t be an issue later on. Once the cover has been removed, you can put in 2 AA batteries.

The first two batteries are included, so you don’t have to steal any batteries from the TV remote just yet. We tested how long this would last us, and it was enough to last 35 sessions before it needed replacing. You can also use rechargeable AA batteries so that you don’t have to buy so many batteries.

Taking a Look at Panasonic’s EW-DJ-10A Flosser Nozzle

Waterpik products have a large selection of flosser tips to choose from, but Panasonic only has one. One is fine, as long as it gets the job done. So, does it?

The first thing you’ll notice is that the nozzle is made from white plastic, and that you cannot see through it as a result. Other flossers are see-through so you can tell what’s going on inside. In this case, you cannot tell if any mold, grime, or dust is stuck inside the nozzle (which would normally be visible in clear nozzles). Thus, you should always rinse and dry it out after each use.

Installing the nozzle is simple. Simply insert it into the socket located atop the EW-DJ-10A. You will know it is secured when you hear a click sound. Once in position, you can turn the nozzle 360 degrees which can help you aim the flosser at hard to reach areas.

To detach the nozzle, press and hold the button located below the socket and pull up on the nozzle at the same time. A single nozzle is already included in the box and should last about 6 months. You can buy replacement nozzles in packs of two.

If you are planning on sharing multiple nozzles, it can be hard to tell which belongs to who since they are not color-coded. We recommend you use a permanent marker to differentiate them.

Putting the EW-DJ-10A to the Test

When using the EW-DJ-10A, the first thing you’ll notice is how you hold it in your hands. Specifically, that it may be a little awkward to use since it is not particularly ergonomic. We had to constantly reposition our grip as we flossed.

When considering the EW-DJ-10A’s shape and form, it is clear Panasonic focused on the gimmick that it can collapse in half to save space. However, this caused the product to feel slightly uncomfortable to handle.

You shouldn’t use the EW-DJ-10A if others are sleeping nearby. This product is loud, even compared to other flossers. In our testing we found that its high pressure setting was quite impressive considering it is powered by only 2 AA batteries. Though it’s not quite as powerful as a countertop water flosser, it is more than adequate as a substitute flosser when you are away from home.

When using the EW-DJ-10A, remember to keep the tip 90 degrees to your teeth, aiming above the gum line. Do not let the nozzle tip touch your gums or teeth, as that is too close.

Flip the power switch and clean along the edge of your gum line, repeating this process for both sets of teeth. Of course, you should tilt your head slightly so that the water can drain into the sink.

Keep in mind that if you have periodontal pockets, do not aim the EW-DJ-10A at them, since they can potentially harm them.

The EW-DJ-10A’s water reservoir can hold 5.5oz of water, which translates to roughly 40 seconds of continuous use on its highest pressure setting before running out. This is about what you’d expect from most other portable oral irrigators as well.

If you’re someone who likes to take your time to thoroughly clean your mouth, then you may need to refill this once more to finish the job. As you get accustomed to this flosser, you can fully clean your mouth with just a single tank.

When holding the EW-DJ-10A, you have to make sure it is held vertically. The water is pumped through a suction tube that dangles in the water tank, and tilting the flosser can cause the water to move away from the tube, causing the stream to stop even though the tank is not empty.

Once you are done flossing, you have to clean the flosser to prevent bacteria growth. All you need to do for daily maintenance is to detach the water tank and run some hot water through it for a few seconds. Do the same for the nozzle. Once a week, you should do a more thorough job with soap.

If you live in a humid or damp environment, we recommend you take the flosser apart when not in use. This way each part can get more exposure to air and it will dry faster. We really don’t want any bacteria or mold to fester.

Our rating

This product has its share of flaws; however, it is still our top pick for best portable water flosser. Its ability to collapse in half saves a lot of space. With the nozzle holder you can conveniently carry the nozzle with you, whereas other flossers may require you to store the nozzle tips separately. When traveling you want to travel light and keep things simple.

At its highest pressure settings, this model can pack quite a punch. It is perfect for getting rid of stubborn bits of food. For the price, you get a budget water flosser that is able to hold its own against higher end models.

If you are someone who travels a lot and you are looking for a portable water flosser, then we recommend Panasonic’s EW-DJ-10A.