Countertop Water Flossers

Countertop water flossers have more cleaning power due to their higher pressure settings and larger water reservoirs. They are optimal for daily home use, however those who travel frequently may want to get a cordless water flosser.

Most countertop water flossers come with numerous adjustable settings. For instance, the water pressure is most flossers have a pressure setting between 10 to 100 PSI. If you have sensitive gums, then use a lower pressure settings. Those who want maximum cleaning power can use a higher setting.

Furthermore, you can adjust the pace of the water flow. By default, it will be a static speed, however you can set it to speed up or slow down to your liking.

The biggest drawback of a countertop water flosser is that it takes up space on your counter. If you do not have enough space, then you may want to look into the space efficient cordless water flosser instead. Those who want the full dental care package may opt for a combination water flosser.

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