It can be hard to make a decision between two products that have such stellar reputations, and that is why there is no easy answer to the Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum debate. Both are flagship products from Waterpik, and both claim to eliminate 99.9% of plaque from your teeth as well as a whole host of other benefits that water flossing provides. So between these two products, which one is truly worth your money?

Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum: Differences


There are rarely any complaints about the effectiveness of Waterpik products in cleaning teeth, however this impressive cleaning power is at the cost of having a large footprint. Countertop Waterpik products have large water reservoirs so you can floss for as long as possible without refilling and this means they occupy a lot of space on your counter.

The Waterpik Platinum is an attempt at addressing this issue, with a footprint that is 20% smaller that most Waterpik products including the Aquarius. Unfortunately smaller size means smaller reservoir, but it should still last you over a minute of continuous flossing even at the highest pressure setting. If your countertop is already quite full but you still want to use a water flosser, then the Platinum is the right choice. If space is not an issue and you want to be able to floss longer without refilling the reservoir, then go with the Waterpik Aquarius.

Flossing Tips

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Waterpik Aquarius

The Waterpik Platinum comes included with 8 tips, whereas the Aquarius has 7. These tips are designed to help you in various situations where you are struggling to clean your teeth. For instance, the toothbrush tip has bristles on the end and helps you brush and floss at the same time. The Pik Pocket tip has a pointy end that you can insert into periodontal pockets to help you clean these hard to reach areas, and so on.

Most importantly for this comparison, the Platinum comes with the same tips that the Aquarius comes with, however it has an extra Classic Jet Tip which is the standard flossing tip used in all Waterpik products. The 4 Classic Jet Tips in the Platinum means a family of 4 can each have their own tip, as opposed to the Aquarius’ 3 tips. Since the tips between these two products are identical but the Platinum has an extra Classic Jet Tip, purely because of numbers the Platinum is the winner here.


The Waterpik Aquarius looks sleeker and more modern than the Platinum. The Platinum is just a rebranded version of an aging model and it looks like it too. Despite how good the Aquarius looks, it had to make some compromises to achieve its sleek form factor which we will discuss below. In terms of appearance, the Platinum would probably stick out like a sore thumb in any modern bathroom countertop, but that says nothing about its cleaning ability and other quality of life features. The Aquarius is the winner in the looks department.

Tip Storage Compartment

In an effort to slim down the form factor, the designers of the Waterpik Aquarius has compromised the storage compartment for the flosser tips. There is a small area next to the water tank which can hold two flosser tips. Not only is the storage pitiful, but it is in a poor location as well. If the water tank is not removed, it can be hard to reach this area. Furthermore, the lid is in the way of the tank, so you will have to lift up the lid and remove the tank just for easier access to the storage area.

On the other hand, the Waterpik Platinum’s storage compartment also happens to be the lid for the water tank. This lid/storage area can hold all 8 of the included flossing tips, which eliminates the need to find additional storage for unused tips. If lack of tip storage is something that frustrates you, then you Waterpik Platinum addresses this problem beautifully and is the clear winner.

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Flosser Handle

The major complaints that users have with the Platinum is in its handle. The pause button located on the handle is stiff and difficult to press down. Furthermore once pressed, it must be held down to remain paused which is tiring. It is quite easy to accidentally let go just a bit and have the water flosser roar back to life, spraying water everywhere as you were trying to adjust something.

The Waterpik Aquarius has solved this problem elegantly. Rather than a button, the Aquarius uses a slider which glides from side to side effortlessly depending on your needs. This eliminates the need to continuously hold down a button and tiring yourself out. It seems the Aquarius is hands down the winner in the flosser handle department.

Unique Features

waterpik platinum

Waterpik Platinum

Flossing Modes

The Waterpik Aquarius has two modes: floss mode and hydro pulse mode. Floss mode is the normal or “default” mode where it just flosses your teeth as you’d expect. The hydro pulse mode is quite interesting, since it tries to simulate a massaging feeling on your gums with slower, intermittent pulses of water. This helps you feel more relaxed and promotes blood flow to your gums which helps it to recover faster. The Platinum does not feature a hydro pulse mode. It should be noted that the massage is purely for pleasure and does not clean any better than the default floss mode.


Yet another nifty feature the Aquarius has is the built-in timer. Essentially, every 30 seconds the flosser handle of the Aquarius will pulse, which signals for you to clean a different area of your mouth. This helps you pace yourself better so that you don’t accidentally run out of water before you’ve flossed all of your teeth. The Platinum does not have a timer.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum: Similarities

Pressure Settings

Both the Aquarius and Platinum have pressure settings from 10 to 100 PSI. Using a higher pressure setting means water gets used up faster, however most people found that around 50 PSI (a 5 on the dial) is the sweet spot. Any higher and the pressure becomes too much, leading to sore or even bleeding gums.

Noise Level

Given how powerful these units are, they unfortunately generate a lot of noise. It is not recommended that you floss at night if you have thin walls or there are people sleeping nearby.

Hose Length

Bot units have a similar hose length of approximately 53-54 inches long. Unless you have an unusually long countertop, this should be more than enough length for the average user.

Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum: Which One Is Worth It?

Both of these products are excellent at cleaning plaque and food debris off of your teeth. The Aquarius has some gimmicky features like the built-in timer and hydro pulse massage mode which are not really necessary if you just want to floss your teeth and can pace yourself. The Aquarius provides a huge boost in quality of life with its on/off slider located on the handle, whereas the Platinum forces you to hold down an unresponsive pause button for the same effect.

However, the Aquarius takes a step back with its poor tip storage capability, whereas the Platinum comes with more flossing tips and can store all of them conveniently in its storage lid. The smaller footprint of the Platinum may be attractive to users who don’t have much countertop space left, however this comes at the expense of a smaller water reservoir.

It seems the largest differences between these two products lies in space utilization. Particularly the space on the countertop, but also the storage space for the flossing tips. If you don’t have much room left in your bathroom, then consider the Platinum. If you want a larger water reservoir to floss for longer without needing a refill, and also want a sleek, modern looking water reservoir, then go for the Aquarius.

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