expanding floss

There are various types of floss that are provide unique benefits for people who have specific needs, and expanding floss is more for those whose teeth are crowded too closely together. They way it works is when coming into contact with saliva, the expanding floss grows thicker in size.

Furthermore, the friction acting on the floss when sliding can also cause an expansion. This increased surface area allows the floss to clean between teeth more effectively and thoroughly than other types of floss.

Some people whose teeth are too close to one another struggle to find a brand of floss that is thin enough to floss their teeth with. When they do, the find that the thin floss does not clean all of the surfaces effectively, and they must spend more time than usual to floss.

Thus, expanding floss was designed to solve this particular issue. Since it starts off thin, one can easily insert it between their teeth, wait a few seconds for it to expand, and continue to floss like normal. Essentially, it acts like a thin floss with the capabilities of a larger floss.

Since flossing is something that all dentists recommend one incorporates into their oral hygiene regimen, those without crowded teeth can still take advantage of this product. As useful as brushing one’s teeth is, sometimes it just cannot reach certain areas in one’s mouth.

Expanding floss may be able to expand enough in size so that once it is inserted into a tough-to-reach area, it can clean more than the toothbrush can. This can help reduce cavities or diseases like gingivitis, which is often caused by food or plaque stuck along the gums or between teeth.

Many individuals have reported that expanding floss has solved many of the problems they had with regular floss. For instance, they praise the expanding floss’s strong fibers which make it more durable, less likely to shred, and allows for expansion.

However, some customers have trouble noticing or feeling the expansion of the floss, which makes them unsure if the floss is truly better than traditional dental floss.

In order for one to achieve the best possible outcome from using this product, one should learn about how to use proper flossing technique. A good place to start would be to ask your dentist directly, or watch a video tutorial on the matter.

If you do not floss properly using normal floss, then switching to expanding floss will not automatically fix the issue. For starters, one should never “snap” the floss forcefully between teeth as doing so can easily cut into the gums and expose the tissue to bacteria.

Like any other floss, expanding floss ought to be pulled down gently and carefully until some slight resistance is felt. Improperly cleaning one’s teeth and gums may fail to produce favorable results.

This kind of floss can, sometimes, be difficult to find and purchase from stores. However, one may find it through online stores. Be sure to read customer’s reviews to get an idea if the product is right for you.

Photo Credit: mitchvodrey